What Is Lucid Dreaming

Dreaming is our own world, our safe place where we can travel across oceans, bend the laws of physics and get intimate with our deepest darkest soul. Dreaming is where we can be leader of the country or even just the confident person we all want to be.
Lucid Dreaming is the phenomena when in a dream state your brain’s consciousness activates. You end up in a state where you can be completely awake but really you’re in a dream. It’s a state where you can live out any fantasies, understand your subconsciousness deeper, or just have fun!
To many, lucid dreaming is a “woo-woo” experience. They know lucid dreaming is kind-of close to something they know to be true (dreaming) and kind-of totally bonkers.
Lucid dreaming is a proven scientific phenomenon.

Here’s 10 Amazing Facts You Didn’t Know About Lucid Dreaming

  1. You’ve probably had one already yourself! A popular German study reports that 51% of the population has had a lucid dream!
  2. All lucid dreams start out as any regular dream.
  3. Your dream becomes a lucid dream when you realize you’re dreaming. This most likely happens during REM sleep. REM sleep is when your brain is the most active, according to the American Sleep Association.
  4. It’s possible to train your brain to lucid dreaming more frequently, and more intensely.
  5. A key skill to lucid dreaming is to stabilize your dream when you realize you’re dreaming.
  6. Lucid dreaming is not a nightmare, it’s when you are in control of your dream.
  7. You can fly in your lucid dream.
  8. Well…you can do anything you want in your lucid dream.
  9. Lucid dreams are an excellent way to get in touch with your subconscious. Some discover amazing things about their deep wants.
  10. If you don’t think you have had a lucid dream, don’t worry, you can teach yourself.