Learn How To Have Flying Lucid Dreams

Flying in your dreams is what it’s all about! The beauty of Lucid Dreaming is that we can depart from our lives attached to our physicality and overcome the boundaries this world constrains us to. How amazing is it to lift off the ground and speed through never ending scenery of lush forests, deserts, or frozen tundra…at least that’s what I personally do. I fly in my Lucid Dreams to connect to nature. Why do you want to fly?
It’s actually pretty interesting how resistant our brain can be to us flying in our Lucid Dream. Our brain is so heavily programmed to the constraints we’re used to that when we fly we have trouble staying up and we crash into things.
Our biggest constraint is actually ourselves. The most important thing to overcome to learn how to fly in your dreams is to know you can fly in your dreams.

Steps To Fly:

1. Practice visualizing your dreams while awake. Find a nice quiet spot – I personally like to do this on a bus – to close your eyes and just imagine yourself flying. Pick a specific scene you already know well and fly through that. I actually pick mountain ranges. A key to doing well here is to find and imagine the details in your scene.
  • Is it hot?
  • What colors are vibrant?
  • Are you even in a visualization governed by the normal laws of physics?
  • Or is this a completely alternative reality?
2. Practice becoming more aware of your dreams. Start thinking about remembering your dreams when you go to sleep at night. When you wake up, jot down your dreams in a dream journal to solidify your dream out of your head. You’ll be surprised how helpful this is.
  • Starting these basic techniques to remember your dreams will get you more aware of your dreams.
3. Lucid Dreaming – This step is talked about a lot elsewhere on How To Lucid Dream. Lucid Dreaming allows you to fly. When your dreaming is lucid, you are in control. Where do you want to go? The most basic method to lucid dreaming is to get your brain trained to have a “reality check reflex.” A reality check reflex is when you have trained your brain to perform reality checks to see if your reality is real life or a dream. If your brain’s reflex to check reality kicks in while you are dreaming, you have found yourself to lucid dream!
Here are some basic reality checks you can practice performing throughout your day:
  • check your palms, look at your fingerprints
  • check the time. check it again, did it dramatically change?
  • can you push your one hand through the other?
  • try a simple for you math problem
If you can’t perform these, you’ll know you’re dreaming!
Let’s Get To It
  1. Before you sleep, set a goal that you’re going to fly. Fantasize your desired dream as your consciousness drifts off.
  2. Realize you’re dreaming (lucid dream!) This can take several weeks before you’re able to do this consistently. The key here is to go to bed with your goal in mind every night. Over time, you’ll be able to strengthen your ability to realize you’re dreaming.
  3. Get grounded in the dream. When you realize you’re lucid dreaming, don’t freak out! Calm down and “get grounded.” Getting grounded can mean notice the details in the dream, or look at your hands. Getting grounded is key to not getting too excited to wake up.
  • If you do wake up, that is ok! This is a process and all lucid dreams (myself included) have gone through just what you are going through.
Then: Fly!
Please email me if you have any troubleshooting questions at all. I love this stuff. Here’s my email: luciddreamhowto[at]gmail.com