How to Induce Lucid Dreaming with Reality Checks

One of the most common and easiest ways to induce Lucid Dreaming is through what is called reality checks.

You use reality checks so you can do a “check” on your reality to see if you are in a dream world or the real world.
When you then realize you’re dreaming, you then go from accepting a dream as real life to realizing you’re Lucid Dreaming!
This works by performing reality checks regularly. Eventually, doing reality checks train your brain to perform these without you even intending to…like when you’re in a dream. Instead of realizing you’re awake, you realize you’re actually in your dream.
So the key then is to train your brain to automatically be performing reality checks throughout your day in your life.
These are really simple.
Practice doing these techniques throughout your day. When you start making these a habit, you’ll end up doing these in a dream. When you can’t, you’ll realize your dreaming!
  • Math – can you do a simple math problem? Really push for an answer.
  • Hands – can you see your fingerprints?
  • Re-reading – If you read something and go back to read it again, does it change?
  • Time – Can you clearly read a clock?
Performing reality checks and increasing your self-awareness is a skill that is built up over time. Although it doesn’t happen overnight, it can be built relatively quickly with some small consistent effort. Inducing Lucid Dreaming through reality checks is a skill that can be built rather quickly. 
Be creative. You can create your own reality checks.
A word of caution: when you’re practicing reality checks, make sure to perform reality checks mindfully. Do it reality check with intention and focus. It only takes a couple seconds, but that extra focus wires your brain synapses in just the right way to induce Lucid Dreaming.