Easy Dream Interpretation – Basics To Understand Your Subconscious

In my opinion, one of the best things about lucid dreaming is for sure dream interpretation. It’s so crazy how our brain communicates to us through images, metaphors and stories. Some cultures believe these symbols are angels or even God communicating with us. By understanding and interpreting, we can understand ourselves better.
(Check out this technique to learn how to remember your dreams better. It’s the second one.)
Let’s start simple.

The basics:

Being chased
Being chased is essentially your subconscious telling you that you’re running away from a problem!! Who knew. But it most importantly is trying to communicate to you that you should realize you’re running away from something and should turn around and face it. What problem in your life are you avoiding that you should face?
Despite sounding bad, dying in a dream is actually positive. Dying is supposed to represent a part of you that you should leave behind; a bad habit, a relationship, a job, or a way you feel about something. It can represent you shedding off something that was holding you back. Congrats – feel refreshed! I do.
Falling is super duper common and represents feeling overwhelmed. You don’t have anything to grab hold off as you continue your descent into nothingness. That’s okay, we all feel like we’re falling sometimes. Remember, this is your subconscious telling you how it is feeling! You can take steps to make yourself less overwhelmed. Take some time to feel grounded, whether that means doing something you know you love or off-loading some stuff in your life so you can feel more tethered than a free-faller.