Learn How To Have Flying Lucid Dreams

Flying in your dreams is what it’s all about!!! The beauty of Lucid Dreaming is that we can depart from our lives attached to physicality and overcome the boundaries of gravity. How amazing would it be to lift off the ground and speed through never ending scenery of lush forests, deserts or frozen tundra?
Where would you fly to?
It’s actually pretty crazy how resistant our brain can be to us flying in a lucid dream. Our brain is so heavily programmed to the gravity we’re used to. Our biggest constraint to flying is actually ourselves.

Steps To Fly:

The most important thing to learn how to fly in your dreams is simply to have the confidence that you CAN fly in your dreams.
1. Practice visualizing your dreams while awake
Find a nice quiet spot – I personally like to do this on a bus – to close your eyes and just imagine yourself flying. Pick a specific scene you already know well and fly through it.
A key thing that helps is to find and imagine the details in your scene: is it hot? what colors are vibrant? is your visualization in the normal laws of gravity?
2. Practice becoming more aware of your dreams
Start thinking about remembering your dreams when you go to sleep at night. When you wake up, jot down your dreams in a dream journal to solidify your dream out of your head and onto the page. You’ll be surprised how helpful this is, even a couple lines.
3. Start lucid dreaming with reality checks
Check out an expanded version of reality checks here. A “reality check” is when you have trained your brain to perform a check on your reality. Because there are certain things your brain can’t fully replicate in a dream – like your fingerprints or doing easy math problems – when your brain tries to do this “check” in a dream, you realize you’re dreaming. Getting into the habit of performing “reality checks” is a major factor to consistently lucid dream. Try it, it’s easy!
If you can’t perform a basic reality check like seeing your fingerprints, you will know you’re dreaming!
Let’s Get To It – Steps to Fly
  1. Before you sleep, set a goal that you’re going to fly. Fantasize your desired dream as your consciousness drifts off.
  2. Realize in your dream that you’re actually dreaming. Most commonly this will be done with reality checks. Don’t be frustrated if it doesn’t happen right away. The key is to do this consistently for several weeks. Go to bed with your goal in mind every night. Over time, you will strengthen your ability to realize you’re dreaming.
  3. Get grounded in the dream. When you realize you’re lucid dreaming, don’t freak out! Calm down and “get grounded.” Getting grounded can mean notice the details in the dream or look at your hands. Getting grounded is key to not getting too excited and wake up. If you do wake up, that’s totally okay. You’re getting closer to flying. But if you don’t wake up…
  4. Fly away!

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