Benefits To Lucid Dreaming – Improve and Perfect Real Life Skills

Lucid Dreaming has many benefits. Here we discuss the benefit of perfecting any skill you want. Each step is broken down so anyone can do it.
I remember hearing when I was a kid about an Olympic rifleman. Apparently, he rarely practiced in real life. He actually would practice in his dreams! He would go to sleep at night and visualize himself shooting the target dead on, every time. But he wouldn’t just think, “oh, hit the target.” He would go over every technical part of the process over and over again in all its details. He would become the bullet leaving his rifle and he himself would hit the target.
We can do that too.
Lucid Dreaming has allowed me to perfect real life skills I’m working on.

Here’s an easy step-by-step guide to perfecting skills while you sleep:

  1. Break down your skills into its parts. What are the different mechanisms involved in completing what you want?
  2. Notice all the details. For instance, the feel of any material on any tools or objects you use. This will be useful for when you’re creating your visualization in your dream.
  3. Practice in real life going through the motions of your skill, noticing everything from steps 1 and 2.
  4. Close your eyes, visualize going through your skill and process slowly but smoothly. Imagine overcoming any steps to the process you have trouble with.
  5. Go through step 4 again, but this time try and imagine yourself AS the objects themselves. Become the rifle, become the basketball, become the piano key.
  6. After you’ve gone through these steps, you can start to imagine this while falling sleep. And then, eventually, while Lucid Dreaming.
Perfecting skills in your dreams is a major benefit to Lucid Dreaming.
What skills do you want to improve on? This doesn’t just need to be about a skill like a sport. You can improve any skill: talking to a crush, performing at work, or even tapping into your consciousness.

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