How to Induce Lucid Dreaming with Reality Checks

One of the most common and easiest ways to induce Lucid Dreaming is through what is called reality checks.
You use reality checks so you can do a “check” to see if you are in a dream world or the real world.
By doing it consistently during the day, you train your brain to do it even while you’re sleeping. So when you do it while dreaming, you realize you’re in a dream. Then, your normal dream has just been upgraded to a lucid dream!

Simple Exercises

What is a reality check?
A reality check is when you “check” something in your environment that normally can’t be replicated in a dream. For instance, you can’t see details in your hand in a dream or do simple math.
  • Math – can you do a simple math problem? Really push for an answer.
  • Hands – can you see your fingerprints?
  • Re-reading – If you read something and go back to read it again, does it change?
  • Time – Can you clearly read a clock?
Practice Over Time
Getting good and making reality checks a habit is built up over time. But with some consistent effort, you will see yourself jumping into lucid dreams.
A word of caution
When you’re practicing reality checks, make sure to perform reality checks mindfully, with intention and focus. The extra focus wires your brain synapses in just the right way so your brain will do it on its own while you’re dreaming.

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